Revolution in your wardrobe and by the water!

What really matters is what is "Under Your Wear".

Through the times, we should have figured out what we feel like wearing and what our personal style stands for. However, it does not always show on the surface. We, at Frederiqua de Silk, believe that the right Private Wear can do wonders in all life’s aspects.

Just as every person is unique; our collections are “Signature Specialized”- being produced in limited edition. As a result, our products are trendy, fashionable and cutting edge with their design.

With the help of the latest technology and professional stylists, we achieve maximum comfort in every detail. Unique and novel in design, this highlights the individuality within each of us!

Products from Frederiqua de Silk are primarily focused on swimwear and privatewear. Our product line is entirely made in –Bohemia; a.k.a. The Czech Republic. We will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect fashion piece and give you more confidence for every life situation! From outside to inside, and from inside to outside.

You may never want to take them off!

Lots of Love

Frederiqua Silcenkova and Tea‬m